Monday, October 11, 2010

Another Happy Birthday

It might seem a wee bit repetitive to have another happy birthday post right after telling you all about my sister but this is a happy birth DAY post. That's right perhaps my oldest friend of all time gave birth this morning to Hannah (no pictures yet).
Madeline, aka mommy, and I became friends in the third grade when she invited me to share her tire swing.  Our relationship was solidified when we were given the assignment of reading out loud (to each other) Anne of Green Gables. From that moment on we were each others bosom buddies. I am over the moon for her and her family about this new addition. In honor of Hannah's entrance I made her this sweet little dress. I made it from cotton  purchased at last springs Maryland Sheep and Wool helping to clear out the stash for next weekends purchases.


Vic said...

Congratulations to your friend & what a sweet little dress! Happy Blogtoberfest to you - and happy birthday to the new arrival!

Mahka Crafts said...

Oh thank you Vic for the warm welcome to me and the little one!