Friday, October 29, 2010

Too Intense?

I have been thinking that our world is too cluttered. I decided that maybe some of the problem is that our bookshelf is now directly across from our couch in the living room. Why is this a problem you ask? Because I now stare at it all the time.
I keep looking at photos of other people's apartments and their bookshelves and they don't seem cluttered, why do mine?
I think it might be our bookshelf. It is large and has no back which means a lot of negative space. So I decided to do something radical and go vertical.
I am not ready to pare down my books anymore, or get rid of them all together but I don't pull them out all the time anymore either. So vertical isn't too much of an it too intense?
My other idea is to build little shelves or boxed in areas. What do you think? Too Intense?
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Sara said...

No, I love, love, love it, and should honestly steal the idea (remember my garage is now full of more books than I even have in my house already). I LOVE it.

Tatiana said...

Oddly ours have kind of been going more and more that way over the years--especially since art books are kinda heavy and fall over on other things. We have a lot of our book shelves that way, and while I sometimes don't like having to take a whole bunch off to get to the book I want at the bottom of the pile I also like how they look and I sometimes even feel like I get more interested in pulling them off the shelf because I see them better (since also most of the spine labels read sideways when you have them the other way). So that was a long way of agreeing with Sara