Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Blogs for Blogtoberfest

Some of you may have noticed that the links to other people’s site over on the right hand side toolbar  has recently disappeared. This was one of those accidents I sorta meant to do. By “sorta” I mean I knew it was out of date and something needed to happen but I wasn’t patient enough to spend the time on it. Because it is Blogtoberfest and rather than just put it back I thought I would highlight a few blogs that I really love and check regularly which you can check out in the new box called: Stuff I Frequently Click On.
Now many of these craft sites are places that many crafters know and love. Angry Chicken who wrote Bend the Rules Sewing is one of my favorites. I recently started reading some of these blogs from the very beginning to get a feel for the person and watch how their lives have changed.

All Buttoned Up has become one of my all time favorite blogs. She is a crafter/sewer with several kids and a wiliness to admit to her mistakes and show you her chaos, process and triumphs.

Skinny Lamix is the blog of a wonderful designer in Cape Town. I love her prints and her color palate speaks to my childhood.

How About Orange is a more recent find for me. She is in love with, you guessed it orange. Even if orange is not one of your favorite colors you will still like her site. She has a wonderful ability to pull many things together from all over the web and present you with the lovely bits. She also has really wonderful and generous free downloads.

I believe that Angry Chicken has her hand in Fat Quarterly but I wouldn’t swear to that. It is a site devoted to quilting that has great interviews and tutorials. They also have a news letter that you can purchase with patterns.

Sunday Treats and Smitten Kitchen round things out with great recipes. I have had the great fortune of going to a pot luck with the sister’s from Sunday Treats and all I can say is yes it really tastes as good as the picture.

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