Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Blogging Blues?

Okay, I may have hit a blogging wall. Blogging every day is harder than it looks. I know, I know I have made it look so easy up until now. Well today was a long day, followed by a nasty blister and a crazy bus ride, I won't whine too much though. Instead i thought I would show you one more Sheep and wool find. I went bin diving at a rug stall and came up with these great scrapes of felt. I am thinking about making a felt scarf with raw edges out of it, or maybe several cause I kinda got a lot.
I am off to early bed and I promise to be more chipper tomorrow :)
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Sara said...

Those are the most beautiful colors, wow. Good choices!

I have loved reading the blog every day, I've been looking forward to it each night. Thank you for doing it! I'll bet it gets tiring, but it's wonderful for the rest of us!


Mahka Crafts said...

Thanks for the encouraging words- band aids and a good night sleep made all the difference