Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Everything is going to be fine; I found more wool for the Wallaby that ate all my yarn. I know you have all been sitting there with baited breath worrying your poor selves sick over my Wallaby issues and I sure do apologize for not telling you sooner that things worked out.

Finding more wool was at the top of the list for sheep and wool and the first thing I did, well, after I ate a lamb burger. I was able to find the same vendor who had something very close to the original yarn. It may be a touch lighter but I can blend it by knitting every other row without making things too noticeable. I was so excited to have found it, and so scared to be in the same boat that I bought 2 skeins of 270 yards. I admit I thought about getting 3 but even I knew that was overkill.

Now I just have to start working on it again.

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