Thursday, October 14, 2010

Self Portrait

I started this blog a few years back as a way to share what I am making, my stumbles and triumphs with people I care about who live too far away to stop by and see for themselves. Along the way I have picked up a few other readers.  It has been an interesting dance of how much of my actual life I want to share with those in cyberspace. How personal is too personal?  But when it comes down to it the blogs I enjoy reading the most are the ones that share who they are, admit that they are human and not always perfect and share pictures or small glimpse into themselves. I love seeing where people live and what their homes look like, even if they are filled to the brim with dirty laundry, like mine is now.
The more we share the more we see that there is someone out there like me, or not like me but I like her anyway (I hope). All this is to say her is my self portrait and I promise to post a few more pictures inside my world, dirty laundry and all.

This picture was taken of me by my father, a year ago, the day before my wedding.


KGEM said...

beautiful picture

Mahka Crafts said...

It is funny I never thought I looked like my mother until I saw some photo's from our wedding and right before, I think I look like her in this one