Monday, October 18, 2010

A Weekend of Sheep, Wool and Good Friends

I am back and mostly recovered from sheep and wool. This year was more about time with good friends then wool, although there was still a lot of wool. I bought mostly patterns to help inspire me to use up some wool from previous years purchases.

It was a lovely weekend to spend out of the city. The trees are turning and the air had that crisp fall smell. There were also 20mph winds on Saturday but we were well bundled. All in all, my super crafters and I had a great time and managed to get everything on our lists. Mary dressed in brightness bought a huge bright bag and more bright wool to continue her felting. Katy bought a great fuzzy hat right of the venders head. And after a sluggish first day Molly managed to get enough yarn for all the projects on her Christmas list, personally I think it was the extra yummy birthday cupcakes that gave her the strength.

And for those that wonder what happens after sheep and wool:

That’s right we get right to it. Katy had most of her balls wound by the time we made it back in Brooklyn.

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