Wednesday, October 13, 2010

That New Car Smell

Today is suppose to be self portrait day on blogtoberfest but the last 48 hours has been a wee bit too insane for me to find the camera or even manage to go through some already taken photo’s so you all are going to have to wait, sorry. I will try to get one up for tomorrows post.

The reason life has been so crazy other than the standard life stuff (work, dentist appointments, colds, more laundry than I thought possible) is my guy got a new car yesterday. And so this post signifies what I hope is the end of a month of solid talking about nothing else but cars! Looking at cars on the road and debating the merits of fold down seats. Does everyone hear that huge sigh of relief I just let out? No? Really? I thought it could be heard around the world.

Last night we went and signed a ton of paperwork and picked up the new car and left the old one. It is a very grown up moment to have a brand new car and payments for the next several years…Everything went well and we happily drove off into the sunset chatting and playing with all the new devices like the his and hers climate control, which has to have been invented by an amazing person that clearly got tired of having one person freeze while the other felt like they were in a sauna. I may actually be warm in the car without 25 extra layers!

We were so busy being amazed by this new feature that we forgot, until we were at the toll that we left the ez-pass in the old car which was now sitting at the dealers. I sincerely apologize to you if you were stuck in the lane behind us last night as we went through the drill of having the cop come over and look at the car and at us. Thankfully he was a very kind man and did not give us a ticket. Thank you Mr. Policeman for taking pity on us.

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