Sunday, October 10, 2010

Morning Glories and the Yarn of My Dreams

Last spring when we moved into our new place my sweet man planted me morning glories on the back porch. All summer long they vine has twisted it's way around our fence but until this weekend, ah the second weekend in October, no flowers. Yesterday we awoke to these.

Aren't they lovely! I am not sure why they took so long to bloom, maybe someone out there in cyber world can explain it.  But as the days turn chilly it is nice to still have a bit of new life on the back porch.

As it gets colder here on the east coast I also find myself pulling out more knitting projects. There is something about the air getting crisp that turns my hands to yarn. On Friday I met the yarn of my dreams.  I wasn't planning on it, I swear. In fact I am not even sure I believed in such things but maybe that's the thing about love it always happens when you least expect it.
I spent Friday afternoon at Downtown Yarns, my favorite knitting store in New York.  I was struggling with a project that I was making from some yarn that was gifted to me last spring. Next weekend is NY sheep and wool festival and I feel like I need to have some projects started from my stash before I am allowed to buy anything else. So using up this yarn was really some sort of justification to buy more yarn. But this yarn and I were not really friends.  I am not in love with its many colors,  or to be more specific how often it changes color and width.  So I was on project attempt number 3 with this yarn having aborted a hat and mittens when the lovely Callie told me to stop.  As she pointed out there was no need to make something that I was had no joy in doing. Thank goodness for Callie.I was so relieved to put it down and release myself from obligation knitting.
This left me to wander the store in search of some yarn. My office is ridiculously cold pretty much year round and I am pretty bad at generating my own heat. I pretty much sit directly on top of the space heater from Oct-June. My hands always are the coldest so I have been thinking a pair of fingerless gloves are in order. With that in mind I strolled around the store and pet all the love yarn. And that is when it happened, I met Rowan Lima.  It is so lovely, soft and sorta spongy. It is made of alpaca, merino and a wee bit a nylon to keep its shape.  It is a braided yarn which gives it an airy quality. Alpaca on its own has no real memory so when you knit it it can get heavy and loose it shape but the combination of merino, nylon and the braiding solves this. 
I have enjoyed this yarn so much that I found myself slowing down while knitting with it so the project wouldn't go too quick.  I am thinking that in spite of the yarn investment I will make a sweater this winter from it, or maybe even two.

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